The location of the village is favourable for both cultural and nature excursions. Some tourist locations not to be missed are:


Only 2 kilometres from the Campsite you can reach this park. It safeguards the remains of the antique Greek city Skilletion that became a Roman colony after the war with Hannibal with the name Minervia Scolacium. Of the pre-Roman built-up area not much is left, while the Roman colonial structure, the remains of the paved streets, the aqueducts, the springs, the amphitheatre and the theatre still remain. The theatre is on the natural slope of the hill and it had a capacity of about 5,000 spectators. In the park the Basilica of Santa Maria di Roccella is located founded between the XI and the XII centuries according to Roman art standards with Byzantine and Arabic influences.


Le Castella, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Calabria, is a small suggestive town situated near the Isola of Capo Rizzuto, in the province of Crotone. The fascination of this Calabrian treasure exercises its power attracting thousands of visitors to the Ionian coast every year. The maritime town is famous for its Aragonese castle, perched on an isle, connected to the beach by a strip of land.


La Sila is a plateau rich in greenery, pastures, forests and enchanting lakes. In this natural paradise a national park of 12,000 hectares rises up. If you want to embark on a journey of discovering La Sila by means of guided excursions we strongly recommend contacting the cultural association Orme nel Parco ( managed by local youths, the association suggests a variety of tours to discover fascinating and mysterious places of Calabria.


Soverato, 20 km from the Campsite, is one of the most renowned destinations in Calabria, thanks to its white beaches and its crystal clear deep sea.
The city of Soverato, known as the pearl of the Ionian sea, has many historical and artistic attractions, most of all in the ancient part of the town, that hosts an archeological site. The beach front is ideal for long walks surrounded by vegetation and palm trees.

Night life is one of the most lively of the whole region with discos and resorts that after sunset become lively beach clubs.


Acclaimed the pearl of the Mediterranean, Tropea is very suggestive as it is built on a headland overhanging the sea.


A happy town situated in the middle of the St .Eufemia gulf among the sea, the mountains and the scented orange and olive groves, as well as flourishing vineyards.


The beautiful Calabrian beaches near the campsite