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The location of the village is favourable for both cultural and nature excursions. Some tourist locations not to be missed are:


The adventure park “Le Orme nel Parco” suggests acrobatic forest paths in tree-suspended structures and bridges, games offering the possibility of testing your own abilities and mountain sports in a safe and fun way. In the park there are 16 acrobatic trails – 9 for adults and 7 for children.


Excursionists and visitors can explore the natural reserve of the Valli Cupe through the many trails across the territory, alone or accompanied by guides. You can admire about a hundred spectacular waterfalls, 100 metres high in a sub-tropical picture with luxurious vegetation where it is possible to experience bathing in limpid and uncontaminated water, fed by fast streams from the mountains to the crystal water of the Ionian sea.

Trekking the Marmarico di Bivongi Waterfalls

With its 140 metres in height these waterfalls are the highest in Calabria and the Southern Apennines.
To reach them you must use a jeep or off-road vehicle to drive on the mountainous winding roads. A bridge allows the crossing of cliffs that lead into the woods. The 20-minute walking trail follows the flow of the river Fiumara.
The water flows, bouncing on rocks and stones, a prelude to what comes at the end of the trail. The waterfall appears suddenly, in all its beauty and majesty: a drop of 100 metres ending in a lake and then continuing its course down into the valley.


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