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Local Attractions


  • 2 km away: Tennis, horse-riding, Catholic church, docking for ships, gas station clerk.
  • 3 km away: Catanzaro lido. Here you can find: chemist's, bancomat, railway station, taxi, Emergency Medical Service.
  • 15 km away: Hospital.
  • 40 km away: Lamezia Terme International Airport.



The position of the Village makes it the ideal place for interesting excursions, both naturalistic and cultural.


Tropea is an historic city with some of the most beautiful churches in Calabria. All the surrounding beaches are of fine white sand and the sea is turquoise blue in color, confirming the belief that Tropea is the favorite place on the coast of the ancient gods.

Le Castella

An important tourist resort, famous for its clear sea and its fascinating Aragonese Castle, joined to the coast by a thin strip of land.

Pizzo Calabro

Here you have to visit the stunning "Chiesetta di Piedigrotta", a sanctuary carved right into the caves.

The Sila

The "Silva" ot the Romans offers on extraordinary variety of sceneries. If you want to explore this natural temple, we suggest you to entrust the friendly (and English-speaking) team of Orme nel Parco, a cultural association which organizes wonderful guided tours through Calabria.
In addition, our guests will have a discount of 10% on their prices. For any further information: (in italian).

Archaeological park of Scolacium in Roccelletta di Borgia (2 km from our camping)

The archaeological findings recovered are a prove of the ancient Greek colony of Skylletion, that afterwards became the roman colony of Scolacium.